Our Services

Our landscape maintenance capabilities include tree and shrub care, lawn care, fertilizations, irrigation, waterfalls (ponds), pavers, retaining walls, snowplowing, outdoor lighting, edging, core aeration , grading, tree removal, and spring/fall cleanups.

Mowing Services

Mowing, trimming, edging and clean-up will be performed regularly. We will leave your lawn professionally manicured through the 26-30 week growing season. Mowing services can be completed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on the growth conditions of your turf). It is important to cut 1/3 of blade height to ensure healthy turf. This service is billed on a per-service basis.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape bed weeding will be performed on an as-needed basis. It will consist of hand weeding and the use of chemical herbicides. This service is prorated over the 26 weeks of the normal growing season.

Lawn Care

We offer a custom program of nutrients and herbicides to ensure a healthy and environmentally friendly lawn. These applications are started in March and every six weeks thereafter. Optional applications: grub control, fungicides, and turf enhancement products are available upon request. The cost is billed per service. Note: Our crews know your lawn best because we’re there every week analyzing the ever-changing conditions of your turf. We can remedy problems as they occur, rather than only at your scheduled time of application.

Spring/Fall Clean-up

This service consists of general landscape bed clean-ups or full landscape renovations. We deep edge all beds, remove all debris, till or prep all bed areas, install pre-emergent and install new mulch of your choice. Spring service is performed between March and June and usually takes a full crew one day. Fall service is done in late fall to ensure a manicured look all winter. Clean-ups are billed on a per-service basis.

Tree/Shrub Pruning

All shrubs will be trimmed to natural form. Any flowering shrubs will not be trimmed in any way to hinder proper bloom. All trees will be hand-pruned for suckers or any unwanted growth. Trimming and thinning of trees is also available. These services are recommended 3 times yearly.

Core Aeration

Aeration promotes strong root development, reduces thatch build-up, improves soil drainage, and promotes an overall healthier lawn. This is best done in mid-fall and the cost is billed per service.

Turf Repair/Overseeding

Are you looking at bald patches in your lawn? We can repair that patch by turf repair or do overseeding. Overseeding is the planting of new grass seed into the existing turf to make your turfgrass thicker and more beautiful. Call to set up an appointment to have your lawn analyzed to determine the type of service needed to make your lawn more beautiful and healthier.

Floral Installation

Ever think about having those amazing eye-catching beautiful floral displays? We can do that, this service is performed in Mid-May using annuals and or perennials. We also have an optional maintenance program available. Please call for more information regarding our beautiful annual, perennial, or fall color installations.

Fall Leaves & Gutter Cleaning

All leaves in beds and lawn will be removed and hauled away. This clean-up will be completed 3 times on average during the fall season. For an additional charge, gutters will be cleared of any debris. This service is billed per person/per hour.

Irrigation Installation

Our firm will install a completely automatic watering system to eliminate the chore of watering your lawn. We will design a custom system for your home or business, which will provide healthier turf/plant material. Beat the drought and add value to your home. We can repair, start up or winterize your present system.

Water Features

Allow us to create a place to relax or getaway in your own backyard with an outdoor or backyard water feature. A roaring waterfall to a whimsical fountain, a quiet pool, or a pondless fountains, even a container water garden are one of the quickest ways to set the mood and are not limited to space, we can make it as small or as large as you like, it’s all in the details.


Looking for a huge impact in the garden, try adding some hardscapes. Patio pavers, bricks, stone & gravel, a deck, wooden arbors, fire pits, stone or wood retaining walls, pergolas, fireplaces are all hard landscape materials. In the right hands environmental structures placed or built into your environment can literally transform your space.


Small Bundle $20
Large Bundle $40
1/4 Cord $ 65
1/2 Cord $113
Full Cord $225

(prices are subject to change. Call for current pricing)

Stump Grinding

Grind stump 4-6″ below contour of the ground (does not include clean-up)

Dumpster Rental/Cleanout Services

Whether it’s a whole house or just a garage, we can provide you with a dumpster or take care of the task for you. Call for an estimate.